// purg //

Greetings and welcome to my comic 'Purg' - a horror/cyberpunk story. I am J, a Canadian freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and now comic book artist. Purg is a story I've been wanting to tell in comic format for years now, and I finally got on it and made it happen.

Purg is set in 2040, in a city that the kids nicknamed 'Purg' out of mutual hatred for it. The world is a dark cyberpunk dystopia full of wondrous and/or terrifying technology, psychotic deceitful global corporations, riots in the overcrowded cities and marauders raping and pillaging rural areas. The rich sit in their well secured zones looking down on a city full of the lower class; those not homeless and starving in the streets are sitting in their shoddy homes hard wired into the ether, escaping the horrors of the world around them.

Something stranger and darker exists unknown to the common person - practitioners of black magic, terrifying suicide and chaos cults, secret societies, and creatures of nightmares. This story follows a gang of "malc" (malcontent) teens who, during their foolish but amusing adventures, discover that there is more to the world around them, bizarre and terrible things, things even worse than humans.

If you prefer reading your comics in cbr format, here is a link to issue one in cbr format to read in your favorite comic reader.

I hope you enjoy, and if you do, let me know! I'm currently working on the second issue of purg so follow me on deviantart, twitter and facebook for updates and news or contact me at purgcomic@gmail.com.

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